What to expect

With less than a month until classes start, this blog will begin to be updated more frequently. The goal of this post is inform visitors about the purpose of this website and some of my planned future additions.

I created this website as both a place for me to write about Liberty University’s convocation and its speakers, and as a place for people to discuss convo. With this in mind, once convo starts up again I will begin writing posts giving my thoughts and assessment of the convo messages. Post length will vary widely as some convocations will require more attention. My goal is to post these within 24 hours of the convocation, however I am taking a full class load and cannot ensure this. 

While convo analysis is my primary goal for this site, there is still several weeks until convo begins. To fill that gap, I will be writing a series of posts about some of my beliefs and biases that may play a part in my posts. These are not necessary reading to understand any of my convocation analyses; they are simply a way to enable visitors to get a quick understanding of my viewpoint.

I also intend to add a convocation speaker schedule to this blog when Liberty posts it. I intend for this schedule to go into more detail on the speakers and their beliefs than LU’s schedule. This will hopefully go up within the next week or so, however that is dependent on Liberty putting up their own schedule.

I hope that you enjoy reading this blog. If you do consider sharing it with your friends within or outside of Liberty. I love to hear from readers, so leave a comment or send a message through the contact page. Thanks for reading!

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