Convocation 9/1/2017: Kirk Cousins, Brett Fuller, and an “Extraordinary” commercial

You like that? You like that? I didn’t really like it that much. About halfway through convo, I was overwhelmed with one question, “Why am I here?” I don’t care about the Washington redskins. I don’t even care about football that much. Other than Kirk Cousins’ testimony and the ten minutes Brett Fuller, chaplain for the redskins, was allowed to speak freely (more on that later), the rest of convo seemed like a way to fill an hour of time. I will look at the positives and negatives of today’s convocation in turn.

Lets start with the positives. Kirk Cousin’s testimony was great. His testimony was very genuine and really put a spotlight on the fact that one can be among the faith without necessarily being in the faith. Kirk also avoided the pitfall that I feel many other “christian” athletes fall into: using their faith as a gimmick. You see this in industries outside of sports, such as television, politics, and restaurants, however this trend is quite pronounced in sports. It is not uncommon for mediocre athletes to gain large followings simply because they market themselves as the “christian” footballer or the “christian” baseball player. Kirk Cousins demonstrated none of these traits and instead presented himself with humility while giving the glory for achievements to God.

Now lets turn our attention to the highlight of today’s convo: the mini sermon by Brett Fuller. After the good start that convo had with Cousin’s testimony, the speakers (I.E. David Nasser) managed to waste all of that momentum and good-will with 40 minutes of tedium and irrelevant questions. I was prepared to write this convo off as another waste of time, but then Brett Fuller told his story about his relationship with his father and the importance of both obeying God and honoring your parents. His sermon was great, however it left me one simple question. Why wasn’t Brett Fuller the speaker today? It not like convo attendance is going to drop if Fuller’s name was on the schedule (what schedule?) instead of Kirk’s. Attendance is mandatory (as poor Gary Johnson learned last semester). Fortunately, Nasser hinted that Fuller may be brought back later this semester and if so, I look forward to hearing from him again.

Convocation had a lot of positives today, but it was brought down in my eyes by one big thing: the commercial. Advertising products in convo has always been one of my pet peeves and it bothers me for several reasons. First, it goes against biblical commands. The biggest condemnation of this behavior is found in John 2:16, “and to those who were selling the doves He said, “Take these things away; stop making My Father’s house a place of business.”” (New American Standard Bible). This is the only time in the Bible that we see Jesus get enraged and it is over the merchandising of the temple. While some may say that convocation is not a church service, it is a place that we go to worship God and should be treated with respect. Second, the commercials timing was in bad taste. They interrupted worship, the time we set aside to worship God, to show a commercial. Not just that, they specifically chose the first song so that they could use it to set up that commercial. I am unable to speak for others, but personally the timing of the commercial made me question the priorities of the office of spiritual development (or whoever chose to show the commercial then) and how they view convo worship.

Verdict: I want to see Brett Fuller again. Considering transfer to BYU.

Lightning Round

  • What does David Nasser have against BYU? Not only was that joke in bad taste, it just seemed unnecessary. Nasser, you really need to not try so hard to be funny. You are the Senior Vice President for Spiritual Development, not Dave Chapelle. Calm down.
  • It looks like Extraordinary will be the first movie Kirk Cameron has been involved in since December 2014. I wonder why?
  • I was honestly amazed how Kirk Cousins was able to spin turning down a long-term contract in an attempt to get out of Washington into a spiritual lesson. That takes ingenuity.

Bible Verses quoted in convo: 0


6 thoughts on “Convocation 9/1/2017: Kirk Cousins, Brett Fuller, and an “Extraordinary” commercial

  1. So you are OK with publicly posting false accusations & disrespectful comments from an anonymous blog yet not ok to meet face to face with a brother in Christ who is asking for clarity, accountability & possible resolution? How is that Christ like in any way?


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