Convocation 9/8/2017: Steve Green and the Bible Museum

Today’s convo functioned primarily as an ad for the Bible museum. I have already made my views on advertising in convo clear (hint: I don’t like it) so I will set that aside in my post. There is no point to beating a dead horse (Where did that saying even come from?). If you want to read my view on that, you can find it here: Convocation 9/1/2017: Kirk Cousins, Brett Fuller, and an “Extraordinary” commercial . On to the show!

Before I get into the actual message, can I just say that Campus Band (showing my age a little there) was phenomenal today. I do not know what the name of that first song was, but it was great! Personally, I often don’t recognize how lucky we are to have such a talented worship team, so I think it is important that I acknowledge their dedication.

Now on to the main message. Today’s speaker was Steve Green, the president of Hobby Lobby, that store you went into looking for a picture frame and walked out of with a birdhouse, seven different kinds of balsa wood, and an empty wallet. Hobby Lobby differentiates itself from other craft stores by being privately owned and by its ownership’s outspoken commitment to biblical values (I guess that means they don’t permit dancing).

The main subject of convocation was the Museum of the Bible. According to Green, the museum, which is projected to be in operation by Fall 2017, will educate visitors on the Bible and its history. I really don’t have much to say about his message as it was relatively straightforward. One point that I did want to make was regarding the research aspect of the museum. I was happy to see that the museum was partnering with Wheaton College (why not Liberty?) to do their archaeological dig in the Middle East. History has many examples of individuals who were not trained in archaeology damaging or destroying what they were trying to find (Example: Heinrich Schliemann destroyed most of Troy in his attempt to find the city of Troy).

I also don’t know how I feel about having material created by The Museum of the Bible in public schools. To be clear, I am not making a statement regarding the scholarship of the museum’s work (I don’t know enough to make a statement either way regarding that), rather I worry it sets a dangerous precedent. If we allow a pro-Christian curriculum into the schools, what is to prevent school districts from using pro-Scientology or even a pro-Zeus curriculum (What would a pro-Zeus curriculum even look like?). In my mind, it is preferable to simply keep all religious-sponsored education out of schools, rather than open to door for all of them.

Bible Verses quoted this convocation: 0

Lightning Round:

  • Can I just say how amazing that commercial at the end was? Christian commercials and media have a not-totally-undeserved reputation for being pretty terrible, so I was prepared for it to be quite bad. That was most definitely not the case with this commercial.
  • After seeing the production values of that commercial, I was left wanting a good movie or TV show based on the Bible. Other than The Passion of the Christ, I can’t really think of any other good Bible based movies. Can you imagine a game of throne style show, but the events of Kings/Chronicles? An action movie about Judges? A rom-com based on the Songs of Solomon…actually never mind.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Liberty University leadership or administration in any way. The opinions expressed here are solely my own and should be not be taken as the opinion of the University, its staff, or its student body. I also have no affiliation with the Museum of the Bible or Hobby Lobby.


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