Convocation 9/13/17: Robert Madu and Lisa Kratz Thomas

Just a heads up, this post may be difficult for some people due to the topics that were brought up in convo.

Wednesday’s convo was a double-header. We had to opportunity to hear testimony from two phenomenal speakers: Robert Madu and Lisa Kratz Thomas. Both of these speakers made some interesting points so I will look at them in turn.

The first speaker to be introduced was Lisa Kratz Thomas, an author and former member of the senate subcommittee on prisoner reentry in Virginia. She shared with us the story of how God helped her to overcome her drug addiction and life of prostitution. Her testimony was an amazing example of how God is able to save people from even the most dire of circumstances and situations.

Overall I quite enjoyed Thomas’s testimony, however I did have one problem with her message. In my opinion, She, like many speakers who speak on this topic, fell into the trap of almost-deify or venerating the idea of virginity. Now to be clear, I am not saying abstinence until marriage is wrong or that one should not try to remain a virgin until marriage. On the contrary, that standard is clearly set in the Bible. However, to say that “every single time you have intercourse with that person [outside of marriage], you give away a piece of your heart” is frankly a step too far. People who have lost their virginity are not broken. They are not damaged, missing something, or worth less. The only difference between someone with their virginity and someone without it is the number of times they have had sex. As Christians, we must remember that there is far more to a person than their sexual history. To not do so is worse than being over-simplistic, it is downright cruel (Rant over. Something tells me that this will be the most controversial post yet).

Now lets turn our attention to Robert Madu and his message. Let me be completely honest, I absolutely loved Robert Madu and his sermon. His message about running your own race and not comparing yourself to others is a message that was needed not just at Liberty, but for the whole world. As Madu said, social media has created a culture where we are constantly drowning in comparison. This is not a new message, psychologists and therapists have been saying it for a decade, however Madu was able to bring a biblical approach to the issue that I had never heard before. I would love to see him in convocation again.

Bible quotations this convo: 4, one by Thomas and three by Madu

Total bible quotations all year: 8

Lightning Round:

  • Did D.N. refer to Lisa Kratz Thomas as an “abortion victim”? That… that isn’t how either abortions or being a victim works.  You can’t both freely choose an action and then be the victim of that action.

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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Liberty University leadership or administration in any way. The opinions expressed here are solely my own and should be not be taken as the opinion of the University, its staff, or the student body.

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