Convocation 9/28/17: Jeff Foxworthy and more G5

Today’s convocation marked the end of the shortest global week that I can remember (As far as I can tell, it only lasted 3 days). I don’t know why they decided to have global focus and CFAW on the same week, but it really was not a great idea. Hopefully in the future they spread these two things apart.

I have never seen a convocation throw away as much momentum as this convo. I was prepared to not like today’s speaker, Jeff Foxworthy, as I am personally not a fan of his style of comedy. However, he was hilarious! Other than Tim Hawkins, I think he might be the funniest comedian to come to convo. Everything was going great, and then they brought out the chairs.

The little panel at the end and the push to get students to sponsor a child was definitely the worst part of Wednesday’s convo.While I have nothing against Compassion International and understand why they pushed it in convo (to break a record?), I don’t think it worked well in practice. For one, it came off as an attempt to guilt us into charity. I don’t appreciate being guilted into giving money and the way in which convo was set up (with the envelopes on the chairs) was clearly intended to inspire guilt. There were so many other ways to set up yesterday’s convo, but they chose the one which best guilted students and inspired peer pressure.

Also, I don’t know if a charity that requires a stable income is the best charity for college students. There is a reason for the stereotype of broke college students, cause they are broke. What happens when a student who in the spur of the moment sponsors a child, is unable to afford the $38 a month in December? Is the sponsored child just kicked out of the program or are they transferred to a new sponsor? Neither of these alternatives is desirable, however it may be unavoidable for some students. A charity that relies on one time donations would have been a much better choice for college students.

Lightning Round

  • I don’t think I realized how ‘country’ Jerry was until today. Not only does he own a bushwhacker (I still am not sure what that is) and a bulldozer, but he unironically referred to northerners as Yankees. In hindsight, this really shouldn’t have been so surprising
  • Whenever they pull out the chairs after a speaker, you know it is about to go downhill. I frankly can’t think of one convo that was improved by the interview portion.
  • What was this global focus week? Normally we get to hear from missionary’s or people that have had a global impact (also the president of Tyson chicken. That was weird). Instead, we have mostly heard from students and David. While it was great hearing from other students, and I would love to have more students speak in convo; that is not what I expect from global focus week.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Liberty University leadership or administration in any way. The opinions expressed here are solely my own and should be not be taken as the opinion of the University, its staff, or the student body.


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