Convocation 11/13/17: Chris Tomlin and Darren Whitehead

I really want to be positive about this convocation. Darren Whitehead's message was very good and the nature of worship is a unique topic for convo (after 4 years, you have heard most of them before). However, I am unable to ignore the intention of the message: to sell more copies of his book. Today's … Continue reading Convocation 11/13/17: Chris Tomlin and Darren Whitehead

Convocation 11/6/17: The persecuted church

During Monday's convocation, we got the chance to hear from three speakers, Johnnie Moore, Shaddi Abdelwahab, and Peter Holmes, about the persecuted church. Johnnie Moore, CEO of the Kairos Company and former senior vice president of communication at Liberty University, and Peter Holmes, a representative of Open Doors, opened up the convo by defining persecution … Continue reading Convocation 11/6/17: The persecuted church