Convocation 11/27: Ben Guttierez

What a great convocation to return to after break. Ben Guttierez always gives a good convo message and today was no exception. I was quite worried, since Liberty had not released today’s speaker ahead of time (they haven’t announced Wednesday’s either).

Guttierez’s message was about the gospel’s ability to transform even the most depraved people into followers of Christ. To prove his point, he used the example of the apostle Matthew. Guttierez led us through an examination of Matthew’s background and what the Bible says about him. Guttierez explained the role of tax collectors in Roman culture and how the Jewish people at the time viewed tax collectors. He concluded that if Christ can transform the life of a tax collector like Matthew, then he can transform anyone’s life.

I actually really liked Guttierez’s message (I mean, who doesn’t like dr. Guttierez?). While I had a general idea of how Roman tax collectors were viewed (thanks Bibl 110), Guttierez’s explanations of how Jewish leadership viewed and wrote about tax collectors really provided a new perspective. The theme of his message was also quite relevant. The ability of the gospel to transform lives is not a unique topic (at least three speakers have given that message this semester), but it is an important one. The power of the gospel to change people’s heart is one of the core principles of Christianity. it is important that this message be reiterated.

I didn’t really have a whole lot to say about Monday’s convocation. It was just a simple, good message.

Lightning Round:

  • Kinda surprised they didn’t end that convo with an altar call. It was a perfect message for it.
  • They have not announced Wednesday’s speaker. That is a little worrying, but maybe it will be good speaker…

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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Liberty University leadership or administration in any way. This post is solely a matter of personal opinion. The opinions expressed here are solely my own and should be not be taken as the opinion of the University, its staff, or the student body.

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