What is conversations about convocation?

Conversations about convocation is my blog about Liberty University’s thrice-weekly convocation. After convocation, I will post a critical analysis of the message along with my thoughts on it. I intend to post these within 24-hours of convo, however school comes first. Consider these posts a second opinion on the convocation topic.

This website was created as a response to two trends that I have seen on campus since I started attending Liberty three years ago. The first of these trends is a decline in the quality of convocation and its speakers. When I started attending Liberty, the convocations were primarily religious themed and most of the speakers gave quality messages. However, as time has gone on, the subject of convo has become more political and the quality of the speakers and their messages has gone down. This is not to say there are great speakers every semester, but as a whole the quality has gone down.

The second trend that prompted this blog was a push to stifle criticism of convocation speakers and their messages. One of the key tenets of university education is instill in students the ability to think critically and make their own decisions, so seeing the head of convocation attack those who criticize convo speakers was disconcerting to say the least. Nobody is above criticism and no message is without flaws.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and that they cause you to more critically assess what you hear. Feel free to respond to me in the comments on my posts.